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RainSkirts, WeatherWraps, and SportSkirts...functional outerwear to keep you warm, dry, and outside. Perfect for wearing over pants, skirts, and kilts. 

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No skirt = Soggy Buns

Libby Earthman

I was out on my scooter for 9 hours today and again, thanks to my trusty RainSkirt, it was not an altogether awful experience. In face, it wasn’t bad at all. Not only did the skirt keep my legs dry it kept the freezing cold wind from whipping through my bones. I came home and posted this to my Facebook status:

[name omitted] is home from 9 hours on a scooter in the rain (thank goodness for the RainSkirt). Now off to visit 2 more kitties on foot.

One of my scooter riding friends wrote to say “what’s a rainskirt?” so I posted this:

This is the one I have: I had been looking for exactly this FOREVER and finally stumbled upon it. They rock because 1) there is no seam in the back for water to eventually make it's way through, 2) they velcro on so you can whip them on and off and 3) they're wide enough that you can easily straddle a scooter with your feet on the ground with fabric to spare. And one more - it kept the freezing wind off my legs so I wasn't completely frozen today. I LOVE MINE!

Thought you’d get a kick out of this. It’s been POURING here all day. Only mistake I made was in a brief 5 minutes when it wasn’t raining I didn’t wear the skirt – neglecting to realize that my coat was soaked. When I got off I had a wet crotch from where the bottom of the soggy raincoat had been sitting on my legs. Learned my lesson!

~S, San Francisco, CA