Emergent Designs' social and environmental commitment

We've never been willing to make a profit without regard for our impact on natural resources. Though some of our processes are not entirely “efficient,” we believe that spending time doing things responsibly pays ample returns by protecting the things we all need: healthy communities, clean air, clean water, and natural systems capable of providing them.

We donate 1% of all sales to organizations working toward these goals.

We hope our products support your commitment to living a life more-connected to the place you live. We hope you walk more, share rides more, and enjoy being outside more because of our skirts. In short, we hope our skirts help you enjoy where you live, regardless of the weather.

All of our products are hand made in Oregon and provide living-wage, domestic jobs through a woman-owned business. These women lost their jobs when their former employer outsourced manufacturing. These salt-of-the-earth women are proud to continue their decades-long commitment to US sewing and superior quality.

No matter how “green” a product is, if it's not made to last, it will end up in a landfill before its rightful time. Our skirts will provide you with years of wear and feature classic styling to ensure that they won't go out of style.

The materials used to make a product have an enormous impact on how “green” a product is. As of 2009, we will use a 100% recycled, recyclable fabric in our adult skirts. This rugged 3-layer fabric is ready for years of use, and can be recycled when its useful life is through.

Shipping and Packaging
After much research, we learned that shipping soft items such as clothing in plastic (Tyvek) envelopes actually has the least environmental impact of all means available. Though we were resistant to using more plastic, we also understand that soft durable packaging conforms to the space it's put in. This frees shipping trucks to ship goods, not packaging. We use and re-use these envelopes, and encourage you to do the same.

We print all of our paper work on “pre-” cycled paper gleaned from the recycling bin at a local non-profit. Remember the old saying “reduce, re-use, recycle?” We're completing that cycle every time we use the second side of the paper.

We discourage requesting expedited shipping if at all possible. Shipping items via air uses many multiples the amount of energy ground-shipping requires. If you must expedite your shipment, we add an additional $7 environmental fee to your total bill. This money is donated in-full to Project Laundry List.